mercredi 26 septembre 2007


My band's name is the Wild Cactus. Three people play in this band. There is Adrian, Pierre and myself Paul Nivelle. We play rock pop punk like blink 182 or the rolling stones. The video which is on our myspace page was taken in Carbon Blanc during the show organized by the Russian learners. We have some of our own compositions but we haven't recorded them.
Everybody is welcome to have a look at our myspace page !

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Anonyme a dit…

Mme Cherubin wrote:

It is great that you formed your own Band. It must be great to let off steam by playing music. I do the same by singing! Why did you call your band "The Wild Cactus"? I love the drawing by the way!!!!

Anonyme a dit…

All the stars started y a band.
Continue! T.H.