jeudi 20 septembre 2007

NEW AT SCHOOL ( Camille )

Dear diary,
Today is my first day in my new school. New school, new city, new friends.., so it's a whole new life ! I come into the quad and I think to myself:" what are those clothes ? They look like English pupils !.. well, don't be prejuficed, Camille !". But where is the crowd of pupils who ask me: "Are you new? What's your name ? Where do you live ?". Nobody asks in this school. It's so different from my former school. Then , we come into the classroom. My schoolmates look nice but I must be invisible because nobody seems to be noticing me. My friend Alice thinks just the same.
Finally, this first day is over.
Day after day, things turn out differently : more pupils speak to me, I find new friends, I buy new clothes. It's difficult to become integrated.

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Anonyme a dit…

Dear Camille,
change is difficult for everybody. It is unsettling and scary at the best of times. However, you are young and pretty soon things and people will become more familiar, until one day you will discover that your fears were unfounded. The first day of school is quite overwhelming for teachers too. I can vouch for that. Every year, the day before the first day of school I am very nervous. The night I can barely sleep and sometimes I even have nightmares. I am usually in class and have to deal with very undisciplined students who cause chaos. When I wake up, I realize that my fears play tricks on me. When I finally meet the students, they are usually quite polite and disciplined and I realize that there was nothing to be anxious about. Our subconscious is quite funny that way!!!!
Mme Cherubin