mardi 4 septembre 2007


This blog is a free space for the Cassignol pupils to express themselves in English. The topics tackled may range from school life, friendship to sports, the cinema, music...It may be used to introduce others to a specific interest or passion or it could simply be a means of self-expression...but ALWAYS IN ENGLISH !! This blog, however, shouldn't be concieved as a mere diary in English but also as a way to communicate with our American penpals from Eleanor Roosevelt Highschool in Greenbelt, Maryland. We will be happy to give them an insight into our school system, our culture and simply to share with them our joys, concerns or points of view. They will be very welcome in their turn to send their reactions and comments. We thus hope to favour a better mutual understanding and cutural exchange ; and maybe we will just realize that teens share the same preoccupations whether they live in old Europe or far across the Atlantic ocean !

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Bourna a dit…
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Anonyme a dit…

I am very happy to be participating in this project. Your teacher, Mrs. Sauliere, is so full of ideas and always trying to exciteher students to the study of English. My students are looking forward to exchange letters with her students, so they can further their knowledge of French language and culture.
I hope all of you will be writing often. It is great that we can communicate in this way. When I went to school, all we learnt was from books. Sometimes, we would go to the language lab to talk into headphones. We never saw or heard native speakers in action, and everything was pretty static.
I would like to encourage all of you to embrace this opportunity and expand your horizon.

Anonyme a dit…

We think it's a good idea .Each pupil has got a penfriend in order to make some new friends.

Anonyme a dit…

I know! Mme Sauliere's students will be corresponding with my students. Pretty soon we will start the correspondence and I look forward getting to know all 90 students!!!! I will probably loose my mind. My other classes are corresponding too and it takes quite a lot of energy to coordinate all the goings on!!! What we teachers do not do for the sake of our students!!! I hope the students will appreciate it!

adrien D. a dit…

this blog is cool

Mari a dit…

This blOg is sO fun!
HOW can I dO "articles^^" in this blOg???

Thank and yeaaaaaah Mrs Saulière


Anonyme a dit…

WOW!!!! Looks like the kids like the blog site. Pretty soon, it will be impossible to read all the articles posted! Does Mme Sauliere have to read all the articles before they are posted? The poor woman will be spending all her waking hours in front of the computer!!!!!!

The Cassignol Writers a dit…

Not only do I have to read all the messages, but I'm the one who types them so as to edit them on the blog. It's a real pleasure, though for the kids really want to get involved in it and this is just great that they're willing to use their English outside the confines of the classroom. They're so proud to discover that some other people read what they write and take an interest in. Many thanks to Mrs Cherubin for sending so many comments !! - Mrs SAULIERE

The Cassignol Writers a dit…

Mari, if you want to write articles in this blog, you can email them to the following adress and then , I'll post them on the blog.

Anonyme a dit…

hellO, it s christina, it s a gOOd idea tO create a blOg fOr Our class.
we can speak english with american pupils and we can develop our English
thank you very much madame sauliere
if yOu want to see my blOg it s :
bye bye

Anonyme a dit…

Hey yOu ! It's Julia,
I feel sO pleased
tO see this blOg,
because we can learn
a lOt abOut Americains
and even abOut the Others
CassignOl's pupils!!!
Yes It's a really gOod Idea,
this blOg! Thanks Mrs Sauliere!

If yOu want, My blOg is :

Anna Maria a dit…

Hi everybody!
Boy, this blog is going to be a real success! Thank you Mme Sauliere for giving the students a forum where they can write anything they want!!! I have already mentioned the blog to my classes in level 2. I will mention it again next week. It should be fun because next week we celebrate Spirit Week. Every day, the students come to school dressed up in funny costumes according to special themes decided in advance. On Wednesday it is Crazy Day!!! So, all the students will be dressed in crazy costumes!!! In the meantime, we have to teach!!! It would be great if you could see some ofthe pictures of crazy week! Do you have such a custom at your college?
Mme Cherubin

Anonyme a dit…

good evening !it s christina, i come in blog to see differents coms of pupils, your blog have a lot of success ! i want you put music in your blog ex : lemon tree, i love this song !
or dance of justice , it s my favourite song but i don t know how can you do it !
if you can, i m satisfection !

good night !


Anonyme a dit…

hi, it s christina, i come every evening to see yOu re blog
Mme sauliere come to see my blog :
i have a dedicace fOr yOu
because yOu are only !!!
bye bye !!!

Anonyme a dit…

oh thank you for your comment on my blog, it give me pleasure very much. In connection with the Russian fashion, i m don t like too, people get dressed a little rock'n'roll, me I prefer the rather traditional fashion, it s prettier. And especially it make more serious. I can speak to you about the Olympic Games winter 2014 which will take place at home in Sotchi! I can send a text for the j.o to you. In connection with control, there will be something on the re-entry of the classes or a drafting ? please give me answer

i kiss you ♥

by christina

Anonyme a dit…

dear Mme sauliere
oh thank yOu for your message
i m sending immediatly my writting
see you on tuesday


Anna Maria a dit…

What is this I hear about Russian fashion? Do you have a student from Russia at your school?
At our school, we just finished celebrating Homecoming, which is a big deal. All the different grades compete against each other to show their school spirit. The celebrations end on Saturday afternoon with a big football game at the school's stadium. I think French students would enjoy very much to see how much American students love to participate in these kinds of activities. They love their school.

VictoR F a dit…

Nice teddy bear !!!!!

Anonyme a dit…

I like this blog, and the picture is cute. =)

Anonyme a dit…

Ah, I remembered ... This fluffy toy ! Mme Saulière bought it when I was in 4° !!Now I'm in 1er, so if I think it's the same..

Anonyme a dit…

Dear Emma,

My name is Romain LABESSAC. I am 14. I was born on february 10th 1994 in

Bordeaux. I have got two little brothers : Vincent 8 ared and Thomas 11 ared. I am

small. I have got brown hair and brown eyes. I live in a house. I have got a garden. I

am very good hat a table tennis. I practise twise a week on Mondays and Wednesday

and sometimes. I am in competition on Saturdays. I also like listening to music

( rock ). My father is a fireman and my mother is a nurse.

Tell me about you. Please write soon

Romain ***