dimanche 30 novembre 2008

GOODNIGHT Mr TOM - Alfred Chambolle (4°4)

I would like to recommend to you an English book entitled "Goodnight Mr Tom" by Michelle Magorian, which I found really interesting and relatively simple to read.

The book is about a young boy called Willie who is evacuated from London to the country side at the beginning of the Second World War. He went to stay with an old man called Mr Tom. When Willie arrived at Mr Tom's house he was covered with painful scars as a result of violent beatings by his mother as she doesn't love him.
At the beginning of his time with Mr Tom, Willie was really misstrusting as he had never experienced affection nor had he ever come across other people and therefore didn’t know how to react to the situation.However. after a period of time he began to feel more comfortable and friendly with Mr Tom and really enjoyed his time with him. Sadly, after the war , his mother demanded that he came back to stay with her . Consequently Mr Tom allowed Willie to return to his mother. However on reflection he was really worried about the well being of Willie and so decided to travel to london to save him from his mother. When he arrived Mr Tom was horrifed with what he found…
Did Mr Tom manage to save willie ??
Read and find out !

mercredi 26 novembre 2008


A turkey named Pumpkin gave thanks to President Bush for saving his life on the day before Thanksgiving. Honoring a 61-year-old tradition, the President pardoned the bird on Thanksgiving eve.

"This is my final Thanksgiving as the President," Bush said during a special ceremony at the White House. "Over the past eight years I have been given many reasons to be thankful," he said. "Most of all I thank the American people for the tremendous privilege of serving as the President."

A Turkey Tradition

The tradition of a turkey pardon at Thanksgiving began with President Truman in 1947. Pumpkin comes from Ellsworth, Iowa. The name Pumpkin was chosen by voters who took part in a poll posted on the White House website. The lucky turkey squatted on the lawn of the Rose Garden and posed for the cameras at the presidential podium.

The History Behind the Holiday
The feast that has become known as the First Thanksgiving was actually a harvest festival celebrated in December of 1621. That's when English settlers in Plymouth, Massachusetts, gave thanks for the progress they had made after a harsh winter in their new country.

As America grew, Thanksgiving customs also spread and expanded. George Washington proclaimed that the first national Thanksgiving would be on November 26, 1789. In the decades to follow, however, people celebrated Thanksgiving locally, with no official date.

President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday in November 1863 as a national day of Thanksgiving. It stayed that way until 1939, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt moved it one week earlier. He wanted to lengthen the shopping period before Christmas to encourage gift-buyers and to help businesses. So Congress ruled that, after 1941, Thanksgiving would be an official federal holiday falling each year on the fourth Thursday of November.

This year we celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 27. Millions of Americans will get together to give thanks with friends and family. The lucky turkey, Pumpkin, will be one of them. After his pardon, Pumpkin and another turkey, Pecan, will fly first class to Disneyland Resort in California, where Pumpkin will be the grand marshal of Disney's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

dimanche 23 novembre 2008


Coming soon!!!!
Adapted from Fascination by Stephenie Meyer. The film will be released on January seventh next year.
You musnt't miss it!!!
The plot is both fantastic and romantic!

vendredi 14 novembre 2008


As Prince Charles releases an official portrait to mark his 60th birthday, here are a few facts about the Prince Of Wales' life, loves and hobbies.

Prince Charles' 60th birthday portrait
1. He was born on November 14, 1948, at Buckingham Palace.
2. He is the eldest child of the then Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh.
3.On the death of his grandfather George VI, his mother succeeded to the throne on February 6, 1952.
4. He was created Prince of Wales on July 26, 1958.
5.In October 1967 he went up to Cambridge University to read archaeology and anthropology at Trinity College, later switching to history.
6. On February 24, 1981, Buckingham Palace announced the engagement of the Prince, 32, to Lady Diana Spencer, the 19-year-old daughter of Earl Spencer and his former wife, Mrs Frances Shand Kydd.
28. Their wedding at St Paul's Cathedral on July 29, 1981 was the first wedding of a Prince of Wales since 1863.
29. In the autumn of 1981 the couple moved in to Highgrove House, near Tetbury, Gloucestershire, in the Cotswolds.
30.They kept a London apartment at Kensington Palace.
31. Prince William, their first son, was born on June 21, 1982.
32. Prince Harry's birth followed on September 15, 1984.
33. As early as 1985 there were rumours that Charles and Diana's marriage was in trouble.
34. In 1992 it was announced they were separating.
35. In 1996 Charles and Diana were divorced.
38. The following year, Diana died in a Paris car crash.
39. In 1999, Charles and Camilla appeared together in public.
40. In 2005 they became engaged and announced an April 8 wedding date.
41. The royal couple eventually married on April 9.

mercredi 12 novembre 2008



I've got plenty of friends but some of them are closer to me than others.
One of my best friends is Corentin. who is in the same class as me. I know I can rely on him, he's got a sense of humour and he likes joking, just like me ! Corentin isn't a spoilt boy and he isn't submissive either. With his parents, he is obedient.
In the class, I get on well with everybody except X who is a bit selfish and stupid.
Another of my best friends, called Paul-Adrien, is fond of music. He's got a nickname: "Pauled". He's got a rock band too called "Les Tulipes Noires", but I don't like it much. He's one of my best friends, even if he's three years older than me, because I've knowm him since we were children.
A perfect friend should be funny, but not too much, a bit crazy but brainy, obedient andnot spoilt. But the perfect friend doesn't exist !


I have just one close friend, Hugues.
Hugues and me get on with everybody. Whenever I'm depressed, Hugues cheers me up by making me laugh or by telling me jokes.
Hugues and me are both short and we have the same tastes. whenever I argue with my parents, we rely on each other because he is reliable and understanding.
Hugues is a good mixer, he's outgoing and he has got plenty of friends. He's got a sense of humour and he is good-tempered, but he doesn't only have qualities...
There are people I really don't like because they are big-headed, narrow-minded and bad-tempered. They keep boasting, so they get on my nerves.


I have got plenty of friends but I prefer five exceptional girls.
Nina is absent-minded but I rely on her all the time.
Adriana is hardworking but with her I laugh a lot.
Chloe is touchy but she has got a big heart.
Alix is open-minded, generous and sociable.
Sarah is excited and she is lazy. She's very talkative with Chloe.
There'zs a girl I hate. She's not frank and she is always depressed.
Nobody's perfect but a friend who is reliable, generous and frank is a very good friend.


I've got a lot of friends but they live in Paris. I've got two close friends, Cyrielle and Dellali, who live in Paris.
Cyrielle is as funny as Dellali, and both of them cheer me up when I'm sad. Cyrielle, contrary to to dellali, is very narcissic, but it makes me laugh. I can spend a lot of time with them on the phone.
Like me Dellali is very greedy, but unlike me, she's very slim.
Both of thses friends are loyal, gentle and very generous, that's why I love them.
There are Michelle, Orianne, Clémentine, Vincent, Kylian, Rami, Nathan, Valentin and plenty of others with whom I really, really get on well.
Now, in Bordeaux, I have a few friends... Agathe, for example. I think she could get on well with Cyrielle and Dellali, but they have never met.
I forgot. I wanna say that Cyrielle can be a real cow and a big mouth with people who get on her erves. And like me, dellali is very touchy.
I've got friends who are older than me. Melissa, for example, is 21. But she's really friendly and I get on well with her .
To talk about people I hate, I can talk about X. I met her last year and she's a real cow with everybody. She gets on mpy nerves and she's a big traitor ! I can't stand her ! Usually, I'm OK with everybody nut she's too selfish ( I think). I hate this girl. That's all.
I miss all my friends from Paris and I'll see them soon.
The perfect friend ? : my friends. I think they're all generous, friendly, and party-goers. I love them. They're so important for me.


I've got some friends in our comprehensive school. and plenty of friends outside school.
I've got some close friends. They're all nice with me, they are understanding, unlike someone that I can't understand in the class.
This person is a real boaster and I can't bear him, he's always complaining about what I'm talking about.
For me, the perfect friend is someons who is polite, nice, a good laugh. He needs to be a gamer and a great player. He needs to like video-games, card games and sports.
I've got a best friend and he is from Tahiti. He's the same height as me. He's fun and he has got all the qualities to be my best friend. I've got another friend who's much taller than me.


I've got a few friends. They are here when I'm sad.
A. is a good laugh but a bit nasty. Esther is extremely reliable and she understands me. A. is brutal and extremely rude. Juliette is intelligent but touchy when she is angry. Lorelei is talkative but she keeps complaining. Felix is like Alister, he's a good laugh. Alex, my best friend has got one defect: he keeps getting bad marks.
I don't like X because he's big-headed. He thinks I don't exist. For him, I'm like a ghost and I don't like him.
A good friend is someone who is reliable, a good laugh and a brainy person. A pezrson who doesn't abuse others.


I think I'm sociable because I've got a lot of friends.
Of course, there's someone I really like. His neme is Aymeric. He was in my school in CM2 but he goes to another comprehensive school. We have the same tastes and he cheers me up when I'm sad or something else. He's very intelligent and so funny. But we keep in touch.
I don't like X very much because he's a boaster and he is a bag of nerves. He's a real cow and he does really bad jokes.
For me, a perfect friend is a good laugh and someone who is nice with everybody.


I've got a few friends, particularly in my class. We're closest in age. I like them because they are always funny, generous, nice, and they have a sense of humour.
Whenever I'm ill, I can rely on them. I can confide my problems in them and they cheer me up by making me laugh.
I can't stand stubborn people or bad-tempered people because they complain about everything. They always say they're more intelligent than the others.
For me, the perfect friend is a person who is outgoing and generous. A good friend must help us when we have an argumpent with someone.

vendredi 7 novembre 2008

MY HOPES FOR THE FUTURE - Mrs C., American teacher

Dear students,

I really wished you were here today to witness this great historical moment in US history. Wednesday, when I went to school it was as if the mood of the entire nation had been lifted after a long, winding road to nowhere.
Finally, we have someone in the White House who can not only deliver a great speech, but also has a vision of where this nation should be going. I am proud of America today.
I am proud of Americans, because they were able to mobilize en masse to the polls on Tuesday, and show politicians who treat the public as if they were less than bright, that the people elect them and without their constituents, they would not exist and their job would be meaningless. It was a very strong message from the masses.
We will not stand by anymore and do nothing about 8 years of failed policies that have brought nothing but grievance to the majority of households. We will not stand by and watch how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer without doing anything about it. Finally, we can be proud of our leader again when we present him to other nations abroad.I, for one, will be quite happy not to hear or see Mr. Bush's face any more in the front page of major newspapers and on TVs. He was a disgrace of a president and it was a great mistake to let him and his team have the privilege to sit in the oval office for even one day.I am glad to soon see the back of him!I welcome change and I will be delighted for once to hear intelligent interviews and hear intelligent conversations coming out of the oval office.
I trust that Obama will make informed decisions and will act with the people in mind.I am delighted to announce that a new era in American politics has officially started. I am also proud of the way McCain has responded to the newly elected president. I hope that he truly and gracefully will help Obama to succeed in achieving certain goals.
I hope that all politicians, red or blue, will finally set partisanship aside and start working for the sake of the nation and not only for the sake of certain interest groups.That is my sincere hope for the next four years.I also hope that politicians from now on will be more mindful of their actions and the way they are perceived by the public.They are public servants. They are elected to work for the sake of the people. Too many forget that those votes who put them in a position of power can also take it away from them.