jeudi 20 septembre 2007

HERE WE GO AGAIN... ( Paul-Adrien )

Dear diary,
My first day back to school was OK. However, once more, I was disappointed to see all the teachers again. A whole year of wasting time ! I'm the only student to be repeating this class.
I have a feeling that this school year is going to be long. My class is not a difficult one. It seems to me that they are rather good pupils., unfortunately for me... or happily, I don't know....We will see what turn the schoolyear will take ...

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Anonyme a dit…

From Mme Cherubin
Hey, chin up! It can't be that bad!!! You just have to pull through and work hard enough to get through the year. It is hard for teen-agers sometimes to make the connection between the now and the after school years. I remember when I was in school. It was a real drag sometimes because I wanted to be somewhere else doing more exciting things than learning behind the desk. We teachers do not realize that teen-agers really get bored!!! But, please understand that we have a job to do and we are pressured to cover a certain amount of learning material and we cannot deviate that much. So "courage" and try to see it as a learning opportunity!!!