jeudi 25 octobre 2007

STARDUST - Mathias

Stardust is a fantastic movie. A young villager, Tristan Thorne ( played by Charlie Cox ) is in love with the prettiest girl in the village. He promises to bring back to her a star which has fallen from the sky. To do so, he crosses a wall and arrives in a world inhabited by strange creatures and other mysterious characters. There are funny moments in the movie, with an effeminate captain, for instance ( played by Robert De Niro ).
A movie you should go and see if you feel like spending a nice moment in a heated room !!

Stardust - bande annonce VO - wideo
Stardust - bande annonce VO - wideo

mercredi 24 octobre 2007

MY FRIENDS AND I - Yéléna ( 4°)

I have got a lot of friends but I have two best friends whose names are Anais and Anne. If I am sad, they cheer me up by making me laugh. They are big laughs and I can confide in them. They are good-hearted and ... very greedy ! Anais is resentful whereas Anne is forgiveful. Anais is a bit clumsy ! She always breaks things ! Together, we have invented nicknames for us: Anais's nickname is " Naisou le caritoux", Anne's is " Nanou' and mine is... " Yélou le poux" ! We have the same tastes : we love music, shopping, fashion, the cinema..
There are some people I don't like because they are quarrelsome, stupid or aggressive..
For me, a perfect friend is a person who makes me laugh, who is intelligent and who has the same tastes as me.
For me, Anais and Anne are perfect friends because they never get on my nerves !


I'm a good mixer, therefore I've got plenty of friends. My best friend is Camille because we've got the same tastes and she is very understanding and considerate. Each time I'm down, she cheers me up. She is a good laugh. Both of us like going shopping. I can rely on her, that's why, whenever I've got a problem, she is here for me.
Unlike my cousin, Camille is a reliable person. I can't stand my cousin who is a boaster. He gets on my nerves. We quarrel all the time whereas I get on very well with Camille.
According to me, a perfect friend has to be reliable, understanding, considerate and attentive. As Camille has got all these qualities, I think she is a perfect friend.

FRIENDSHIP - Benjamin ( 4°)

AS I'm quite sociable, I get along with most of the people I know, that's why I have got loads of friends and I don't hate anyone in particular. But of course, there are a few people I get along better than with other people, like my friend Kevin for example. I have known him for some years. We have the same tastes and, as he is a good laugh, we like having fun together.
For me, the perfect friend is someone who helps you when you're sad or dejected. A perfect friend is someone you can trust all the time as much as he trusts you. Finally, in my eyes, the perfect friend is someone who likes sharing lots of things with you, and maybe just some time.

lundi 15 octobre 2007


Here is the address of our American penpals' blog. There are nice photos of the students and messages about all the different events organized by their school - Eleanor Roosevelt highschool. Don't hesitate to post your comments !

+ why don't you go and visit their school's official site ?


Johnny Allen Hendrix ( Jimi's real name) was born in Seattle on November 27th 1942. For his sixteenth birthday, his father bought him his first accoustic guitar. Shortly after, Jimi joined a group called "The Velvetones"which he left after only three months to persue his own interests. In 1961, he enlisted in the United-States army but he was discharged for he got hurt during a parachute jump, that's how he started working as a guitarist. He played with famous artists such as Tina Turner or Little Richard, among others. Then , he formed his own group: "Jimmy James and The Blue Flames". In the sixties, he became successful thanks to his first single, "Hey, Joe" and his first album, "Are you experienced", which became one one the most popular albums of all times. His participation in the Woodstock Festival in 1969 remains in history especially because he played the American national anthem ( "The Star Spangled Banner") on the guitar. Finally, he died of an overdose of sleeping pîlls in 1970, at the early age of 27. But he still remains one of the greatest rock legends of his time.

samedi 13 octobre 2007

SELF-PORTAIT ( Anne - 4°)

Norman Rockwell-Self-portrait- 1960
Dear friend,
To know each other better, I think we should both introduce ourselves in a letter, so I will do the first step. My name is Anne ; I was born on the the thirteenth of April 1994, so I'm thirteen years old.
My parents are married, but my father has already been married before, so I've got four half-brothers. In his second marriage (with my mother), my father had three other children : my older brother, my older sister and me. In all, we are a very large family ! What about you ? Is your family bigger than mine ?
To come back to me, I'm going to describe myself : I'm a brown-haired and brown-eyed girl, I'm quite tall and slim. I think I look like my mother more than like my father.
Concerning my personality, I can tell you I'm very clumsy as everything is broken in my room (and not just in my room... ). That's quite simple : when I go somewhere, I break everything which is around me. My nickname is "La Pas Douée"-in French- and in English, I guess it would be " The not talented girl", or something like that. When I'm not breaking things, I'm sleeping, working or playing (on my computer, playing badminton or just playing with my cat!!). No, maybe, I'm a bit exaggerating in what I'm saying (but just a little bit!).
What about my tastes ? Well, I love sports, particularly badminton and tennis, I love the cinema, especially fantastic movies... but I like "Bridget Jones' Diary" and that's not fantastic at all. As a conclusion, I'm just fond of the cinema in general, I love going downtown with my friends, or just going to the restaurant with them to talk about everything. Have you got a lot of friends ? And do you do the same things as me with them ? If you come over here one day, I hope you like cats because I have one in my house. He is called Mika, and he's always stuck to you !
Lots of love from your friend, Anne.

mercredi 10 octobre 2007


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Here are a few photos of hippies or hippy vans in the 70's.
Hippie refers to a movement that began in the United-States during the early 1960's and that expanded to other countries before declining in the mid 1970's.
Originally, the hippies were part of a youth movement composed mostly of white teenagers and young adults, between the ages of 15 and 25 years old. They rejected established institutions, criticized middle-class values, opposed nuclear weapons, opposed the Vietnam War, were often vegetarian and eco-friendly, promoted the use of psychedelic drugs and created communities. They used folk music and psychedelic rock as a part of their lifestyle and as a way of expressing their vision of the world and life. They promoted peace, love and personal freedom as in The Beatles' song "All You Need is Love".

samedi 6 octobre 2007


Hey ! you if you like background music, take a look at that myspace page :
That's the label of my brother, Alexandre Navarro ( like the Indians).He does music too on his label under his name.

mercredi 3 octobre 2007

ELEANOR ROOSEVELT HIGHSCHOOL - our American penpals'school in Maryland

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LET'S TALK ABOUT MY SCHOOL - Mrs Cherubin, French teacher in Eleanor Roosevelt Highschool

Hi everybody! After contributing to your school blog for about a month, I decided it was time to send you an article of my own and some pictures of our school in Maryland. It is a high school situated in Greenbelt, Maryland, half an hour from Washington, DC. It is simply the best school in the county and one of the best schools in the state of Maryland. Can you hear how proud I am of my school??? Well, there is a lot to be proud of. It is called Eleanor Roosevelt High School. It is a magnet school, which means that we offer a Science and Technology magnet program for very talented students. There are also a lot of students who are in a comprehensive program with regular classes.

The students are very lucky to be at our school. They have the opportunity to work with some of the finest teachers in the state and participate in a lot of activities. We have the finest music program you could ever imagine. We have various bands and orchestras, not to mention the various choirs.
There are hundreds of after school clubs that students can join and, for the most athletic ones, we have sports teams that compete at the regional, county and state levels.
Students who first come to ERHS are inducted to the "Roosevelt Way, The right way of doing things!" It is not just about academics, but also about building a character and continuing the tradition of community based service that has shaped the lives of many students who came through our school.
If you think I am bragging then you need to spend a few days at our school to realize that we work harder than anybody else and, may be not all the students appreciate it, but after they leave they tend to come back. They recognize the uniqueness of their school and they want to be a part of it again!

Mme Cherubin