dimanche 28 septembre 2008



The Us senator from Delaware ran for president himself before joining Obama's campaign.

Biden wants to find new energy sources. He believes action must be taken on global warming.He wants to improve American economic competitiveness.


The Governor of Alaska is the first woman ever to run on the Republican Presidential ticket.

The conservative Sarah Palin, aged 44, chosen on Friday 29th as fellow candidate of the Republican candidate for the White House John Mc Cain, has been Gouverneure of Alaska since 2006.

She has got a diploma in communication and journalism.

She is married and the mother of five children.

She is against abortion and member of the NRA ( National Rifle Association), the powerful American lobby of firearms. A sportswoman, she is also very keen on hunting and fishing.

She has centered her campaign on the questions of transport, education and security.


The United States are a constitutional republic with a presidential regime , and a federal state of North America.

Constituted of fifty states, the USA are located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean from East to West, then bordered in the North by Canada and in the South by Mexico. The state of Alaska is situated to the West of Canada while Hawaii is an island state located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Besides, the country is composed of 14 island territories disseminated in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific. The federal capital town of Washington is situated in the District of Columbia (DC), a federal district out of the fifty states.

In 2008, the USA count more than 302 million inhabitants and constitute the third most populated country in the world, after China and India.
The USA cover an area of 9,4 million km2, which makes it the fourth largest country in the world, after Russia, Canada and China. Immigration to the USA is very abundant and the population is one of the most diverse in the world.

The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America was proclaimed on July 4th 1776 by the thirteen colonies in North America. However, the United States really acquired their independence from England in 1783 following the war of American Independence. Then , they adopted the Constitution of the United States of America in 1787 during the Philadelphia Convention. The Declaration of Rights (United States Bill of Rights) was signed by the first American Congress in 1791.

The development of the territory was mostly achieved in the 19th century with the conquest of the Wild West and Indian wars, but also thanks to alliances with other European and North American nations.

In 1865, the Civil War ends to the advantage of the Northern States which were protectionist and egalitarian and which disagreed with the Southern States, in favour of free trade and slavery. The Spanish-American War of 1898 and The First World War later confirmed the military potency of the country. Since the Second world War, the hegemony of the United States is that of a superpower, notably during the Cold War.

lundi 22 septembre 2008



Today, it's the first day back to school. I'm afraid of being late all the time and I'm very nervous when I'm in fronty of the school... now, I'm in the playground. I'm looking for my friends because I haven't sen them for a long time. Therefore, I look at the board where there are the pupils' names and their new classes.
I only think about my name and nothing else because I'm extremely stressed. Then , the bell rings and all the schoolboys and schoolgirls line up where they are supposed to stand. The headmaster walks in the playground with all the form teachers and when they find their class, they begin to call the register. Then , the form teacher goes to the classroom and we must follow him.
My friends aren't in my class but my classmates look likeable. I don't mind being with self-centered, generous or gothic people, whites, blacks, Asians or Hispanics. I like everyone and I don't care when they don't like me because you can't be appreciated by everybody.
Like every year, the teacher begins to talk about the school and the staff and the students are bored to death. But we are very lucky because the bell rings earlier than usually and everybody runs to the exit. Now, we can leave the school, I can calm down and then, have fun with my friends. Finally, I come back home and start writing...


This year, my first day back to school wasn't perfect. At first, I believed I could be in my best friend's class. I was very confident but a bit apprehensive about that. Unlike what I thought, I wasn't with my friends, whereas my sister was with hers again. That's why I was very disappointed and quite dejected and so were my friends.
Ok, I know, I'm supposed to make friends easily, but I'm shy and my best friends are irreplaceable: whenever I'm down, they cheer me up by making me laugh. So, when I didn't see my name on the list of the 3°3, I wasn't very cheerful !
However, after my classmates and me settled in a classroom, my form teacher who I like very much, delivered us our timetable, and I realized I was very lucky about my teachers : modt of them are very nice, kind, helpful and pleasant, like my English teacher, my Spanish teacher, my biology teacher....
Concerning my schedule, I wasn't very surprised because I knew it was going to be very busy and I wasn't wrong. Then , when the bell rang, I just hoped the year would take place as best as possible, otherwise it would be a disaster.


Today is the start of the new school year and it isn't good because it means it's the end of the holidays.
The class is cool and looks good at school. Our form teacher is our biology teacher too and she's very nice, but we chat a lot and she gets very angry because nobody listens to her and the other teachers don't let ussit where we want.
Some pupils are good at school but aren't serious at all and get on the teachers'nerves with their comments.
This year, I'm very disappointed because I'm not with my friends: they have Spanish lessons whereas I take Italian. Because of that my first day wasn't that good. I hope the next days will be better....


I'm sitting at the back of the classroom. My schedule is cool and the people of my class too. The counsellor has changed. His name is Mr Guantaoui. He looks nice, like Mr Bono. I don't konw him, but he looks cool.
I'm happy that my best friend is in the same class as me. all my teachers are cool but the maths teacher doesn't like me. I don't like her either. My music teacher used to be my French teacher. I like him. The history teacher is Mrs Moncla. She's fun. Well, that's all for today ....


This year, I'm in a new school and it is so different from the other one that I'm feeling lost. That's why I'm mistaken, I go to the wrong classroom.
I arrive later in the right room. During the break, I meet my fellows. They ate really nice with me, they welcome me. Today, I will eat in my school with my new friends.


When I arrive in this new junior high school, I'm scared of being alone during the first week. I'm also scared not to be accepted because the other students have known one another for a long time.
But on this first day, I get on well with Margaux. She is in the same situation as me. On the contrary, my class is distant with me : I have to talk to them to attract their attention and I do the same thing with Manon, Charlotte, Juliette and Fanny.
I feel good in this class, the atmosphere is pleasant and the pupils look nice and funny.
This junior high is bigger than my former school, but the playground is smaller than mine and the buildings look old. Perhaps I will disappear since it's so big!
I'm surprised because in the playground, there are groups. They aren't based on race, just on tastes or appearance and nobody changes groups. But when you are new, you can go with who you want !
Sometimes, I miss my friends from my former school but I can see them, so it's good and I will see them at the senior high.


This foirst day back to school was a joyful one because I discovered that most of my friends were in my class. Even if I didn't know everybody, this class seemed cool and friendly ( and quit serious too: that's the reason why I was wondering a bit about this long and sutdious year ahead of me). I had never had Mr Lescorce as a form teacher as well as a physics teacher, but some of my schoolmates who were in his class last year told me he was nice. He delivered us our new timetables which could have been worse. I read and saw new teachers'names like Mr Cokelaere, who was writing his name and those of his colleagues on the board. He looked strict but patient and I have already noticed that these were two good qualities to teach efficiently.
AT that precise moment, I was thinking that it would not be that hard to be successful at the exams with all these positive elements.


Today, I started a new school year. I was anxious about the composition of my new class, but now I'm reassured because I'm in my friends' class.
I was sitting in the front row of the class, where I met a boy whose name is Antoine. He's new in this school. We talked a little as it was boring to write ans stick papers.
Our teachers finally gave us our schedule. I was surprised when I saw I had only teacher that I had never had sofar, except my English teacher and my Spanish teacher.
I met two of my new teachers who were nice. I hope the other teachers are nice too, but I will see that for myself tomorrow.


I spent a nice day today ! It was the start of the new school year and I was both happy and anxious to see if I would be with my friends in the same class.
I left home at half past nine and picked up my two best friends, Elie and Kevin to go together to our junior high school. When we arrived, we immediately mlooked at the boards to see in which class we were. Great ! We were together and with other pupils I already knew. There were also new pupils who seem to be nice. We met our headteacher, the physics teacher, who gave us our timetable, the names of our different teachers and many papers and documents to fill in.
I think the timetable is rather busy, especially on tuesdays and thursdays where I leave school at 5.30.
I think we'll have much homework as all the teachers told us they would test us at tyhe beginning of each lesson.
The class atmosphere sems rather cool. Some pupils are talkative and others seems to be funny.
I hope it will be a nice year ! I'll do my best to pass my exam, the "Brevet des collèges" !


I remember that day, september 3rd. After two months of holidays, it was the first day back to school. Like evey year, I'm very scared and impatient as well. I go to school at ten, more nervous more and more nervous every second;When I arrive, I see my friend and I join them.We talk a long time until the school gates open.
This year is different from the others because our names are hung on a wall, unlike the previous years when the headmaster called us one by one. After several minutes, Mr Ardellier, the Head, asks us to go to our classroom. I feel vey happy because a lot of my friends are in my class.
We're waitning for oir form teacher, Mr Lescorce. We're going to a classroom for the introductions. Our new history and form teachers introduce themselves, give us a lot of papers and talk about a lot of things. I discover my new timetable and my new teachers. I understand the importance of this year because of the "Brevet", the exam we have to take. I notice that we begin school at 8 every day. That will be difficult but we have to work. I hope I'll have good marks.


Today is the first day back to school. As I'm a new pupil; I'm going to meet many people;I will have new teachers too.
I must get to know my new class and will learn different subjects and perhaps thazt outside school we can gather up together to go to the cinema and also sometimes do sport or maybe start a group of music...
The first days are always exciting because every day, you meet new pupils.
The teacher shows us the curriculumof this year : some things are more interesting than others.
What is enjoyable is to be able to work in a group, to learn the lessons together for the "Brevet" for example.


My alarm clock rings. Joséphine gets up first, then I get up with less enthusiasm than yesterday. So, I have to eat my breakfast and get dressed too. Joséphine is ready before me. We must go and fetch Anna and Audrey to go to school.
We are now in front of the gate and we're waiting.
When the doors open, everybody runs to the lists where our names and classes are written. I'm disappointed and happy at the same time, because I'm not with my girlfriends, but it's not that bad. We will not be so close but we'll have more things to tell one another when meet.

samedi 13 septembre 2008

Tropical Storm Fay in the Florida Keys -


Tropical storm FAY ( August 2008)

Hurricane Gustav ( Early Sept. 2008)

Hurricane Ike ( mid Sept. 2008)

Experts predicted an intense hurricane season this year and they appear to be right. Since mid-August, there have been four very violent tropical storms and hurricanes. They are always given male or female names, always in alphabetical order : FAY, GUSTAV, HANNA and IKE ( in August and September).

FAY hit Florida in August, killing 36 people and causing extreme damage.

GUSTAV hit the Gulf Coast on Sept. 1, killing at least 26 people in 3 states and leaving more than one million homes without power before moving into Central Louisiana as a tropical depression.

IKE ravaged south-east Texas early on Sept. 3, battering the coast with driving rain and ferocious wind gusts.

mercredi 10 septembre 2008


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On 11 September 2001, terrorists hijacked four planes that were flying above the US.
Two of them were flown into the World Trade Center in New York and another into a top military building in Washington, called the Pentagon.
The fourth plane crashed into a field, 80 miles from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
The World Trade center towers completely collapsed soon after the planes hit the buildings, killing about 3,000 people.

Reconstruction has now begun : the twin towers of the World Trade Center are going to be replaced by a memorial and five new towers.
All the rubble has been cleared from the site and since the attacks, the location has been called Ground Zero.

The two footprints that mark the place where the WTC used to stand are going to become a memorial called : "Reflecting Absence". There will be pools of water that reflect the light and the spaces around these will be planted with trees and engraved with the names of the people who died in the attacks.

The highest of the new towers is going to be called the "Freedom Tower". It will be the tallest building in the US at 1,776 feet (= 540 m). It will have four diamond shapes on top that will light up part of New York at night.
The four other towers will form a semi-circle around the memorial in the centre.
Building has started and it should be completed in 2012.