dimanche 30 septembre 2007


I arrived four years ago in Bordeaux. Before that, I used to live in Kyoto, the former capital of Japan, near the big Imperial Palace of kyoto. Around the Palace, there is a large expanse of pebbles with a lot of gardens and parks for kids and picnics, with beautiful cherry trees in spring and maple trees in autumn.In the middle, there is the Palace itself which was built during the Middle Ages of Japan.
I went to school named EFK ( école Française de Kyoto ). We were only 20 students for all the levels from CP to CM2 every year (!!)because there were not many French-speaking people in Kyoto. But, as it was located inside a former Japanese public school which was no more in use, it was a big school and we shared it with an American school ( Kyoto International School or KIS ). There was a big sand playground ( much bigger than Casignol's), with a gym and toys. In the class we were all friends. Even more, we were like brothers and sisters. In the classroom, there was a little place to read with cushions and bookcases. There were also a piano for the music lesons, some computers and two blackboards.
We had class every day from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm. When we finished lessons, we could go and play with interactive games on computers or read books. It was really cool as there was just one teacher, it was very different from now. Our teacher always gave us exercises to do and then went to see the other students. I remember that I was with two boys in CM1 but I always spoke with my sister and her friend. The teacher said nothing when we talked or when we stood up and walked in the classroom. On Mondays, Wednesdays ( we worked a full day on Wednesdays in Japan) and on Fridays, we had Japanese lessons because it's useful to speak Japanese when you are in Japan !!
For lunch, we ate in the classroom with our "bento" ( Japanese name for a box containing our packed lunch)...
So, it was very different from now. Changing from 20 to 800 students is a very big change, you know !

mercredi 26 septembre 2007


On Wednesday, I saw the movie entitled "Death at a funeral" ( = "Joyeuses Funérailles", in French ). This film is very funny although the topic is rather sad as it's about a family gathering at a funeral. The director's name is Frank Oz - he played Yoda in Star Wars. It's super, so you should go and see it !

Joyeuses funérailles - Bande-annonce 1 - Anglais - wideo
Joyeuses funérailles - Bande-annonce 1 - Anglais - wideo

Joyeuses funérailles - Bande-annonce 1 - Anglais - wideo
Un homme tente de révéler le sombre secret d'un patriarche d'une famille britannique à problèmes, récemment décédé. C'est alors le chaos.


My band's name is the Wild Cactus. Three people play in this band. There is Adrian, Pierre and myself Paul Nivelle. We play rock pop punk like blink 182 or the rolling stones. The video which is on our myspace page was taken in Carbon Blanc during the show organized by the Russian learners. We have some of our own compositions but we haven't recorded them.
Everybody is welcome to have a look at our myspace page !


lundi 24 septembre 2007


After a short film (" lick the star"), which was quite successful, Sophia Coppola directed a full-length movie entitled " Virgin Suicides", which was even more impressive. This is the real story of a girl who decides to kill herself. This first film, by Francis Ford Coppola's daughter, was inspired by an atrocious piece of news. Some people may think that the movie is a bit slow, maybe even boring. Actually, as early as the beginning of the film, the exceptional music track created by the French group AIR, casts a spell on the spectator. For Sophia Coppola, music is something essential for the progress of the film. It works as a sort of third character that we also find in her two major following movies : "Lost in translation" and the brilliant "Marie-Antoinette". I'd like to insist on the awesome performances of kirsten Dunst, James Woods and Kathleen Turner.
So, I recommend all movies by Sophia Coppola for she is extremely talented.
It is to be noticed that Sophia Coppola made members of her family participate in her films (among whom her brother Roman and her cousins Chris Niel and Robert Schwartzman- the Louis XVI of Marie-Antoinette).


Dear diary,
I have been worried and I dreaded the start of the new school year. At present, I reckon that the year looks promising. Indeed, all my friends are in my class and I get on well with all my schoolmates, therefore I'm delighted. However, a friend of mine has repeated and I'm upset. But she is a good-mixer and I fancy that she will have a lot of friends.
As far as I'm concerned, I feel that the form teacher, Mrs Philippe, is pleasant and we have a good time-table. so, I think I will spend a good year even if we have to take our final exam at the end of the year and even if the works is harder than last year !

jeudi 20 septembre 2007


Dear diary,
On september 6th, I discovered my new school and my new schoolmates. This school is very different from my previous one. Here the pupils dress differently and I think they're more sensible. In my class, many pupils look clever and some boys are beautiful. Our class is not very noisy. I like my teachers, some are funny. I think we have got much homework for the beginning of the schoolyear. I'm in the same class as Camille, whom I already knew, so I'm happy. I live in a town now. I'm saying that because I used to live in the country, but I like Bordeaux very much.

I HATE SCHOOL ( Julien )

Dear Diary,
Today, it's the start of the new school year. All my friends seem disappointed to be back to school. In my class, I don't know anybody. When I look at all those people with whom I'm supposed to spend my last year in Cassignol, I'm sad, I don't like it. But I'm very satisfied with my teachers who are nice, especially Mrs Sauliere, the English teacher. She's so funny and so cool. At the moment, my physical education teacher is giving us our timetable while I'm chatting with my mate Johan. I'm rather happy he's in my class. From now on, things will be the same everyday. I hate school !


Dear diary,
It's the first day back to school. I'm really afraid of having to go back. The head is calling my name and I'm asked to rejoin my class. The only pupils I know are Simon and Ana. I'm very sad because I don't like the pupils of my class. I cry for a long time and I look so ridiculous. We stay in a classroom for two hours and our form teacher gives us information about the year. I don't listen. I'm thinking of my friends who are together. But I'm reassuerd as far as teachers are concerned. Adélaïde, Iris, Marjory Marie ... I imagine they must be so happy to be in the same class. I'm sad too, because I think of Maylis and Célia who have gone to another school ( La Benatte ) this year. Well, I have to go. I'm going to see my friends and then, I'll go back home.

HERE WE GO AGAIN... ( Paul-Adrien )

Dear diary,
My first day back to school was OK. However, once more, I was disappointed to see all the teachers again. A whole year of wasting time ! I'm the only student to be repeating this class.
I have a feeling that this school year is going to be long. My class is not a difficult one. It seems to me that they are rather good pupils., unfortunately for me... or happily, I don't know....We will see what turn the schoolyear will take ...

NEW AT SCHOOL ( Camille )

Dear diary,
Today is my first day in my new school. New school, new city, new friends.., so it's a whole new life ! I come into the quad and I think to myself:" what are those clothes ? They look like English pupils !.. well, don't be prejuficed, Camille !". But where is the crowd of pupils who ask me: "Are you new? What's your name ? Where do you live ?". Nobody asks in this school. It's so different from my former school. Then , we come into the classroom. My schoolmates look nice but I must be invisible because nobody seems to be noticing me. My friend Alice thinks just the same.
Finally, this first day is over.
Day after day, things turn out differently : more pupils speak to me, I find new friends, I buy new clothes. It's difficult to become integrated.

samedi 15 septembre 2007

BACK TO SCHOOL.... ( Julien )

Dear Diary ,

Today is wednesday and it's the first day back to school. Unfortunately, the holidays are over.
I'm sad. This year is a certificate year. I'm scared of the examination and my schedule is very bad. I finish at 5.30 every day. But it's cool because I'm with my friends from last year as all the students who learn German remain in the same class. So, this is good news to me. I'm OK but for the group of Spanish learners ... I'm not so sure. Most of them don't look happy. Probably because they're not with their friends. Maybe that's the reason, maybe not. It's not my problem anyway.
I know all my teachers, except the maths teacher. It's a woman who looks old and boring and I HATE maths ! It's too bad ! But I'm glad because my English teacher is very good and my French teacher is funny. He has a funny face ( but he's nice ) !
So, on this first morning, dear diary, we only have two periods. We have to take papers and bring them back to our parents. That's about all ! Time is nearly up and for the moment, I have no homework !!! Now, I'm going back home and in the afternoon, as I have a free ticket to take the bus, I may go to the MOVIES .. if I have enough money !

mardi 4 septembre 2007


This blog is a free space for the Cassignol pupils to express themselves in English. The topics tackled may range from school life, friendship to sports, the cinema, music...It may be used to introduce others to a specific interest or passion or it could simply be a means of self-expression...but ALWAYS IN ENGLISH !! This blog, however, shouldn't be concieved as a mere diary in English but also as a way to communicate with our American penpals from Eleanor Roosevelt Highschool in Greenbelt, Maryland. We will be happy to give them an insight into our school system, our culture and simply to share with them our joys, concerns or points of view. They will be very welcome in their turn to send their reactions and comments. We thus hope to favour a better mutual understanding and cutural exchange ; and maybe we will just realize that teens share the same preoccupations whether they live in old Europe or far across the Atlantic ocean !