lundi 28 janvier 2008


I'm going to tell you about the training course I went on two months ago in Décathlon. It was a great experience which gave me an insight into the job of a shop assistant.
I worked from monday to friday for a week. My bosses made me learn my job really well. On the first day, they knew how to put me at ease and it really helped me to work. I worked in the department of team sports and in there, you can find outfits to play soccer, rugby, baseball, handball and basketball.
During the first day, my bosses asked me to put away the balls, the shoes, the socks and the sports bags. I was allowed to take an hour and a half off to have lunch and get some rest. In the afternoon, I advised the customers. This is what I did during the whole week.
I really enjoyed my training course as a shop assistant.

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the francisco's redaction is very great!!!!!!!