dimanche 27 janvier 2008


From november 26th to 30th, I went on a training course with an architect.
The firt day was stressful. When I arrived in front of the building, it looked as if there was no door ! I eventually found it ! I didn't know if my boss would be nice, but, as soon as I got there, he gave me a warm welcome. Unfortunately, I saw him only on the first day.
After that, two very friendly people took charge of me. They made me do some plans for a hotel in Arcachon. It was such an iteresting activity ! They asked me what I wanted to do later on and why I wanted to do that. A lot of people were working on their computers. Meanwhile, I was writing down my comments on my report card. Then , the secretary called me to ask me if I could try to type the text of a conference. How annoying ! Nevertheless, as I had nothing else to do, I did it.
Later on, my boss let me make a model of a movie theatre in Arcachon, even though I had no experience. What a fascinating activity ! But it is so complicated ! And it took lots of time...
During my training-course, I had to take notes, photocopy some documents and interview some people on their jobs.
On the last day, I went to see the computer designers make 3D films from computer generated images. Isn't that strange and difficult !
To finish with, I had to fill in a questionnaire on my week there which was a very good experience ! It confirmed my choice of career even if this job is difficult ! I do like it !

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