lundi 28 janvier 2008


On the one hand, I think it's a good thing for students to get a part-time job after school for they can earn some extra money to pay for their studies for example. Indeed, some schools that have a good reputatin are very expensive and parents can't always pay all the fees.
By working, those students get some extra money to buy clothes and books, for example. So, they can feel responsible and less dependent on their parents.
Students from poor families can help their parents to pay the rent and the taxes.
On the other hand, having a part-time job can present many drawbacks. Indeed, if a student works too much or too late, he won't be fit enough and will feel tired the following day. Therefore, he won't be able to attend the classes or to study properly.
As a consequence, his results may get worse and worse and in the end, the student might fail at his exams.

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Jean a dit…

I very like this write. But I don't think students can help their family to pay the rent because a part-time job (ne rapporte pas beaucoup (I suck in english, merci de corriger))