lundi 28 janvier 2008


As for me, getting a part-time job after school is a good thing because it allows you to become autonomous and responsible. For example, you have to make decisions and you mustn't be late. You earn your own money, therefore you needn't ask pocket money to your parents and it shows you how difficult it is to earn money.
I reckon that having a part-time job is a great experience for the future since it enables you to discover what working life is like.
Nevertheless, you must be careful not to neglect your studies. Having a part-time job means being tired and having less time to do one's homework. Moreover, you have less time to devote to your hobbies too, like going to the cinema, going shopping....
To conclude, although having a part-time job presents some inconveniences, I am positive that it's a very good experience.

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Anonyme a dit…

hellO, It's Christina
hOw are yOu?
I want tO say that all writes abOut jObs are super.
I'm sOrry, I can't cOme tO yOur blOg very Often because I wOrk a lOt.(There is that testing in persepective).
For class, I am very pleased that we have such a good average, but in contrast to the behaviour of some people, I am really sorry. Your classes are so exciting, but there are those who do not appreciated enough.

Kiss and gOod afternOon !