lundi 21 janvier 2008

SAFE BLOGGING ( Alexandre B. 3°6 )

Let me give you a few pieces of advice to blog safely.

- First of all, you should be as anonymous as possible. You shouldn't give any personal information like your family name, the name of your school or your personal address ; otherwise someone might try and locate you and it may be dangerous.
- You should check the comments on your blog regularly as a blog is interactive and the readers might read the comments. Some of these comments might be negative or degrading, so you should delete them.
- You shouldn't post embarrassing photos on your blog because someone might download them and share them with anybody. If a parent or a teacher sees the photos, you might feel embarrassed or even get into trouble with a future employer.
- You shouldn't lie about your age because someone might think you're older than you really are and it might be a problem.
- You should control who can visit your blog by making a friends' list and limiting the access only to people you know and trust.
- You should avoid meetings with unknown people met on the net because the person might not be who he says he is.

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Anna Maria a dit…

I am glad someone is sending a message out there for all young internet users. In the USA, we have lots of problems too. Young people write all kinds of information online and they are not aware of how hackers can use that information, sometimes to ruin someone's reputation.
Young people need to be very careful about what they write and use caution, especially when they chat online with strangers.