dimanche 3 février 2008

Part-time jobs after school ( Johan- 3°6)

According to me, a part-time job after school isn't that good, because after school you are tired and you can't work properly. Furthermore, if you have a lot of homework, it's difficult to do it after a long school day and to work part time on top of that. Then , in the morning, you can't be attentive in class and if you're not concentrated, you can't get good marks.
I think that if you're a good pupil although you work part time, you're very lucky. However, if you aren't interested in school, getting a part-time job may be a good idea because you can earn some money and see what working life is like and that's a good thing.
So, I think that if you want to do long studies and have good grades, I advise you not to take a part-time job. But otherwise, It might be a positive experience.

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