dimanche 3 février 2008

MY LIFE IS A "BED OF ROSES" ( Elisa-3°6)

I get on very well with my mother, although sometimes, I clash with her. She's not very authoritarian with me. She wants me to work harder at home to have better results at school. She wants me to do my homework seriously and everyday.
She likes my friends and I can go to the cinema or shopping with them, but I have to come back home before nightfall, otherwise she is worried.
I can play on my computer or chat with my friends, but not for a long time.
I have to set and clear the table every day and it's boring. My mother wants me to tidy my room as well, and I hate that. But she doesn't ask me to clean the house because I do it badly, according to her.
I have never wanted to leave home because I love my mother even if sometimes she treats me like a little child and I don't like it.
I think my mother is more liberal than my friends' mothers.
To conclude, we can say my life is "a bed of roses".

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MariiOn a dit…

Ohhh!!!!!!I lOve YOu!!!
I lOve YOu tOO!!!!!
Ben merci, j'vOus aime aussi!
Il lOve YOu, I lOve Paris!
Haaan!!!I lOve Paris!I lOve mYself!!!!
Ba j'aime Paris, dOnc je m'aime!
Scuse me, I sO stupid, sOmetimes...
Ben désOléée, parfOis, j'peuX être une vraie cO*****e!

I lOve YOu mY beautiful Lili!

Juju-3e6 a dit…

Lucky Lili!!