dimanche 3 février 2008

MY PARENTS AND ME ( Teresa - 3°6)

My name is Teresa. I'm going to tell you about my relationships with my parents.
I think my parents are nice. I get on well with them. Of course, I have to do some chores, like emptying or filling the dishwasher, setting the table, doing the laundry ( but it's not that hard to do; I think it's good to help one's parents ).
However, I don't have to hoover, clean the house or sweep the floor or tidy my room ( I do this by myself !). I'm supposed to help at home sometimes, to look after my five-year-old brother. He's so nice though, I really enjoy doing this ! I'm allowed to go out, to go shopping with my friends on saturdays. But in the evening, I can't go out, to parties, for example. If I want to go, my parents want someone to accompany me, and someone, an adult, to watch over me. I don't like this. I have to respect the hours that my mother imposes to me. I can't get out late in the evening, at the latest until 6.30 pm.
Sometimes, I'm sick and tired of this situation. My parents should trust me more instead of treating me like a child. I'm fifteen ! In spite of that, I know my life is" abed of roses". I'm very lucky.

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