samedi 13 octobre 2007

SELF-PORTAIT ( Anne - 4°)

Norman Rockwell-Self-portrait- 1960
Dear friend,
To know each other better, I think we should both introduce ourselves in a letter, so I will do the first step. My name is Anne ; I was born on the the thirteenth of April 1994, so I'm thirteen years old.
My parents are married, but my father has already been married before, so I've got four half-brothers. In his second marriage (with my mother), my father had three other children : my older brother, my older sister and me. In all, we are a very large family ! What about you ? Is your family bigger than mine ?
To come back to me, I'm going to describe myself : I'm a brown-haired and brown-eyed girl, I'm quite tall and slim. I think I look like my mother more than like my father.
Concerning my personality, I can tell you I'm very clumsy as everything is broken in my room (and not just in my room... ). That's quite simple : when I go somewhere, I break everything which is around me. My nickname is "La Pas Douée"-in French- and in English, I guess it would be " The not talented girl", or something like that. When I'm not breaking things, I'm sleeping, working or playing (on my computer, playing badminton or just playing with my cat!!). No, maybe, I'm a bit exaggerating in what I'm saying (but just a little bit!).
What about my tastes ? Well, I love sports, particularly badminton and tennis, I love the cinema, especially fantastic movies... but I like "Bridget Jones' Diary" and that's not fantastic at all. As a conclusion, I'm just fond of the cinema in general, I love going downtown with my friends, or just going to the restaurant with them to talk about everything. Have you got a lot of friends ? And do you do the same things as me with them ? If you come over here one day, I hope you like cats because I have one in my house. He is called Mika, and he's always stuck to you !
Lots of love from your friend, Anne.

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Anna Maria a dit…

Dear Anne,
it is very nice to make your acquaintance online. So, you like Bridget Jones' Diary, do you? I also love the movies. I have read the two books several times and I find them much more hilarious than the movies. In the movies, the script is very different than the book and I found that the characters are not really very well portrayed.You should read the books to get a real taste of the comic and absurd.
I also read the books on tape. The woman who reads the books is quite funny. I found myself giggling in the car on my way to and from work. I always looked forward to my morning and afternoon commute, because I could spend some time with the funny characters!!
Mme Cherubin

Anonyme a dit…

Mme Cherubin said:
It is just me and you Mme Sauliere!! Another dialogue in the making. What happened to your students? Are they under exams stress?

anne a dit…

Sorry Mrs Cherubin, I didn't understand everything, (oops..that is the kind of things I must not say, I guess) Thanks a lot to put a "commentaire?" on my text :p
And just a question to Mrs Saulière, I wrote «in his second WEDDING» in my redaction, is it a "mistake"? (don't know how to write it sorry...)

Byee, and good continuation for this blog.

Mrs Sauliere a dit…

Dear Anne, the wedding is the party that you have with your friends and relatives when getting married. Then you can have children in a marriage( = during your married life) or out of wedlock (which means not with your husband or wife). But maybe, Mrs Cherubin, who is American could explain that better than me!
See you soon !

Anonyme a dit…

Dear Anne,
what did you not understand about my comment? You can ask questions if you want. Is there a particular word or expression you did not understand?
Mme Cherubin

anne a dit…

Sorry to answer to your comment now, but I didn't saw-see? it before (and maybe you won't see mine too but let's go) I just didn't understand the terms of "giggling" and "foward" but i think it would not be very easy to explain them, because the sentence is ...err. difficult !!

To answer to the rest of your comment :
I didn't read the books, so i can't easily share your point of view, nut i think books are most interressant than movies because i reckon (vocabulary of the actual lesson *smile*) that by writing, we can imagine better feelings or emotions of characters.

Happy to see that we have a common point mrs cherubin !
bye bye !