mercredi 24 octobre 2007

MY FRIENDS AND I - Yéléna ( 4°)

I have got a lot of friends but I have two best friends whose names are Anais and Anne. If I am sad, they cheer me up by making me laugh. They are big laughs and I can confide in them. They are good-hearted and ... very greedy ! Anais is resentful whereas Anne is forgiveful. Anais is a bit clumsy ! She always breaks things ! Together, we have invented nicknames for us: Anais's nickname is " Naisou le caritoux", Anne's is " Nanou' and mine is... " Yélou le poux" ! We have the same tastes : we love music, shopping, fashion, the cinema..
There are some people I don't like because they are quarrelsome, stupid or aggressive..
For me, a perfect friend is a person who makes me laugh, who is intelligent and who has the same tastes as me.
For me, Anais and Anne are perfect friends because they never get on my nerves !

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Anonyme a dit…

Mme Cherubin said:
They are very lucky to have you as a friend. I wish I had such good friends like yours! Congratulations! Your English is excellent! I wished my students would write like you do in French!

anne a dit…

Mme sauliére My nickname is not 'Nanou' but nanou le hiboux and anais is not the CariToux but 'naisou le cariboux!' just wanted to say it. :D


Anonyme a dit…

yéléna is a good mixer.She is very intellingent and nice !! It is a very good texte !