mercredi 5 novembre 2008


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Mme Cherubin a dit…

Dear students,
I really wished you were here today to witness this great historical moment in US history. Wednesday, when I went to school it was as if the mood of the entire nation had been lifted after a long, winding road to nowhere. Finally, we have someone in the White House who can not only deliver a great speech, but also has a vision of where this nation should be going. I am proud of America today. I am proud of Americans, because they were able to mobilize en masse to the polls on Tuesday, and show politicians who treat the public as if they were less than bright, that the people elect them and without their constituents, they would not exist and their job would be meaningless. It was a very strong message from the masses. We will not stand by anymore and do nothing about 8 years of failed policies that have brought nothing but grievance to the majority of households. We will not stand by and watch how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer without doing anything about it. Finally, we can be proud of our leader again when we present him to other nations abroad.
I, for one, will be quite happy not to hear or see Mr. Bush's face any more in the front page of major newspapers and on TVs. He was a disgrace of a president and it was a great mistake to let him and his team have the privilege to sit in the oval office for even one day.
I am glad to soon see the back of him!
I welcome change and I will be delighted for once to hear intelligent interviews and hear intelligent conversations coming out of the oval office.
I trust that Obama will make informed decisions and will act with the people in mind.
I am delighted to announce that a new era in American politics has officially started. I am also proud of the way McCain has responded to the newly elected president. I hope that he truly and gracefully will help Obama to succeed in achieving certain goals. I hope that all politicians, red or blue, will finally set partisanship aside and start working for the sake of the nation and not only for the sake of certain interest groups.
That is my sincere hope for the next four years.
I also hope that politicians from now on will be more mindful of their actions and the way they are perceived by the public.
They are public servants. They are elected to work for the sake of the people. Too many forget that those votes who put them in a position of power can also take it away from them.