dimanche 31 août 2008

This day in history - August, 31 1997- PRINCESS DIANA DIES

Diana, Princess of Wales, dies in Paris' Pitie-Salpetiere Hospital after suffering massive chest injuries in an early morning car accident. Her companion, Dodi Fayed, was killed instantly in the 12:25 a.m. crash, as was driver Henri Paul, who was drunk and lost control of the Mercedes in a highway underpass. He was driving at excessive speeds in a reckless attempt to escape paparazzi photographers. Diana's bodyguard, Trevor Rees Jones, escaped with serious but nonfatal injuries. He was the only one wearing his seat belt. The death of Diana, beloved by millions for her beauty and good nature, plunged the world into mourning.

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Lucie a dit…

Hi Mrs Sauliere !

It's Lucie. I just wanted to thank you because you gave me the desire to speak english and you were the best teacher of english I've never had !

I'm now in Montesquieu with a scottish teacher (Mrs Mc Leod) who knew J.K Rowling before she has become famous! There are more and more homework and it's a little difficult to follow but It's ok.

I've to go. Thank You !


(You have my sister Clara... Good luck ;) !

Mrs Sauliere a dit…

Hi Lucie ! It's been a real pleasure to hear from you !Thank you for your very kind message. This is so encouraging for me ! I'm sure you'll do very well with your new teacher and I think you're lucky to have a native speaker as a teacher. I'm glad your sister is one of my students and, knowing you, I have no doubt she's going to be very nice and motivated.
Keep in touch !
Mrs Sauliere

Mme Cherubin a dit…

Wow!!!! Mme Sauliere is really quite popular! Congrats!!! It is always nice to hear from students that one is appreciated for all the efforts one makes!!

Just wanted to say hi to Lucie too! Where is Montesqueu? Is that a high school in Bordeaux? Is Lucie thinking about going to study abroad at some point?
Good luck!
Mme Cherubin