mercredi 20 août 2008


The 4th of July may not be the most original name for a holiday, but for Americans it is the most patriotic day of the year. Why is this day so important in our nation's history? On July 4, 1776, representatives from North America's 13 colonies signed the Declaration of Independence, the most important of all American historical documents.

The Birth of a NationUntil the declaration was signed, America was under the rule of the British government. But as the 13 North American British colonies began to form, Americans felt that they were being treated unfairly by the British Government. They felt that they were paying too much in taxes to Great Britain and were angry they did not have anyone to represent them in the government.

By June 1776, Americans were tired of trying to work out an agreement with Great Britain. They were also tired of being told what to do so they decided to write the Declaration of Independence. On July 2, 1776, all 13 colonies officially separated from Great Britain and became the United States.

America Inspires the World : America's Declaration of Independence was so powerful that it encouraged people all over the world to fight for their own freedom. The declaration inspired South America to fight for its independence from Spanish rule. It also inspired the French during the French Revolution. The declaration is often used as a symbol for justice and freedom for other nations as well.

Most people decorate their houses for the occasion. They put blue, red and white streamers and ballons on their houses and many organize picnics or barbecues with their friends. There's an atmosphere of joy everywhere in Washington.
In the White House, the president makes a speech and the national anthem is played. Then , the President visits the washington Memorial with the First Lady, in honour of one of the Founding Fathers of the USA.
The day ends with the traditional foreworks in front of a huge crowd.

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