dimanche 30 mars 2008

On March, 26th President Nicolas Sarkozy began the first state visit to Britain by a French president in 12 years.
During his two-day trip, he has been a guest of Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle, he has held talks with British Prime minister Gordon Brown and has addressed members of both Houses of Parliament.
Thousands lined the streets to welcome the couple, whose visit comes just weeks after they married following a whirlwind romance. And on arrival, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh seemed to fall under her spell too.
The highlight of the visit for the Queen was the state banquet at Windsor Castle, which took months of planning. They had a sumptuous four-course meal including turbot, noisettes of lamb and rhubarb pudding washed down with Krug 1982 champagne.

The president had earlier received a standing ovation in Parliament after delivering a speech in which he outlined his new vision of Anglo-French relations.
Instead of the famed Entente Cordiale, he said, it was time for an Entente Amicale - our two nations should become close friends rather than just allies.
Paying tribute to British sacrifices in the two world wars, he said: "France will never forget that when it was virtually wiped out, it was Britain who stood by us."

( adapted from The Daily Mirror)

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I hate Nicolas Sarkozy

Anonyme a dit…

For me, Nicolas Sarkozy is a bad president