lundi 24 mars 2008

CHARLIE CHAPLIN - Emma G. ( 4°4 )

Charlie Chaplin was born in 1889, in London. His parents were singers, that's why he appeared on the stage when he was only eight. Later, when Charlie was ten, his father died and then his mother had to go to a mental hospital. As she couldn't take care of him any more, Charlie had to go to an orphanage until he found various jobs. In the meantime, he spent a poor and miserable childhood.
From then on, he began a film career in Hollywood, in 1913. Charlie, who was both an actor and a
film director, spent forty years in the States, until he had to leave in 1953 because of political
and personal problems. Meanwhile, he became an extremely popular star who acted in seventy
silent films.

He finally died in Switzerland in 1977, thirty-one years ago.

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Thomas H a dit…

Charlie Chaplin is the best actors of 20e century : he makes me laugh.