dimanche 22 février 2009

IMAGINE THAT YOU ATTENDED BARACK OBAMA's INAUGURATION. Write a letter to a friend to describe the events and what it felt like to be there.

Dear friend ,

Today was one of the most emotional day of my life. Indeed, it was Inauguration Day of President Obama and I was there !
I woke up at six in the morning to be in the first row but I didn't expect so many people would have the same idea as me ! Later, I realized that we were going to be really an enormous crowd, so i was among the first, so to speak.
A thousand people were in front of me, one million or more behind me, and it was really an amazing sensation ! Some people fainted but the majority of the most sensitive people cried when they saw Barack Obama at ten, in front of the U.S. Capitol Building. He was listening to the groups that were performing in honour of his inauguration, just like us. One hour and half later, Diane Feinstein gave a really beautiful welcoming speech for the President and Vice-President who was sworn into office a little while later.
At twelve o'clock, Barack Obama took the Oath of Office on the Bible that served Washington too, and then he said his inaugural address to the crowd and the world (because cameras from all over the world were filming him). And people were more touched than ever. To put it briefly, he remade his electoral promises. But it was really touching and I shed a tear because of all the general atmosphere.
Subsequently, George W. Bush's departure ceremony took place and Obama and Joe Biden had lunch. I followed the parade that they led through Pennsylvania Avenue with the million other people atround me. As soon as I came back to my house, I wrotye this letter to you. I hope you have enjoyed it !


Dear Ben,

Today is January 21st and yesterday was January was January 20th. It was a very important day for the United-States because it was the Inauguration Day of Barack Obama.
At the beginning of his inauguration, at 10 am, three groups performed. Then, at 11.30 am, the Vice-President elect, Joe Biden, was sworn into office. This moment was already great ! At noon, the President-elect Barack Obama, took the Oath of Office. It was a very important moment for all of the United-States, all the more so as there were millions of people in Washington DC.
A little while later, President Obama gave his Inaugural Address. This moment was the most moving and the most ineresting ! I suppose you saw this moment on television.
In the afternoon, President Obama attended the departure ceremony of President George W. Bush. Subsequently, Obama and Biden led a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue from the US Capitol to the White House. Nevertheless, there were lots of security around Obama.
To put it briefly, it was very moving and an unforgettable moment.

Love from,

Dear Bongnwi,

I went to the USA for the Inauguration Day. I was very excited because I had never seen that ! It was a long day and I had to wake up early to have good places. There were so many people !
I was very impatient because it was the first time I could see a president for real. I waited for nearly five hours so as to see President Obama. He was with his family. How pretty Michele Obama is ! I think she is very fashionable, trendy, I like her style.
When they appeared, everybody was happy, impressed and so was I ! Even if I like this couple, I think they show their daughters too much. apart from this, I found the Oath of Office of Obama interesting, he found good words. All the same, it was very long and I was tired, that's why I was bored in the end. However, the parade was exceptional ! There was such a crowd ! Wasn't the Inauguration Day exceptional, great and super ! There was music, it was very lively.
To put it briefly, it was interesting, exceptional, modern, I loved it, all the more so as the weather was sunny although it was freezing cold ...

Love from,

Dear friend ,

What's up ? I went to the Inauguration last Tuesday. Yes, I did it !
It was amazing ! Just like a dream ! I've never seen something like that ! There was a huge, an enormous crowd. Of course, it was a little bit boring in the middle of the Inauguration, but when Aretha Franklin sang, it was so great !
There were too many people and I was at a very bad place. I couldn't see Obama and his family.... As I could listen to him, I did it. I was really moved. I'm proud of our new president of the United-States ! What a generous person !
The parade was great but quite boring. To my mind, Aretha Franklin's performance was the greatest moment of all the inauguration !

See you soon ,

Dear Gloria,

During my journey in the States, I attended the Inauguration. At first, I was at Obama's Inaugural speech. However, I'm not bilingual, so I didn't understand all that he said.

All the people were moved and, in the meantime, I was trying to translate the speech. I think some people laughed at me.

A little while later, Obama went to the presidential procession, so I ran to the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue in order to wait until the parade began? It was such a great parade ! People were screaming and cheering Obama while I was watching the parade.

Unfortunately, I didn't go to the events because I had to go back to France on the next morning.

Love from,


Dear Sam,

Today, I went to the Inauguration Day. Barack Obama took the Oath of office. I have faith in him for leading America with seriuosness, integrity, intelligence and ability to solve problems. He looks hon,est, smart, bossy, in short: a good president.
I have the schedule of this day in front of my eyes and I see that in a little while, there will be a luncheon at the US CApitol. It's a good opportunity, for since this morning, I haven't eaten anything. I'm so hungry !
Soon after, Obama and Bidden ( his vice-president who looks like my grand-father ) will lead a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. It will be fantastic !
Being here today is amazing. It's very ceremonious and just a little pompous. When I saw Obama I did like the other people, I applauded him. He's more beautiful in reality than on TV. The day isn't finished yet but this letter is. I hope that Obama will bring happiness and peace to America.
Goodbye Sam,

Dear Louisiane ,

On Tuesday, January 20th, it was the Inauguration Day. I had the chance to be there ! It was so fantastic !
First, at about 10 a.m., Diane Feinstein gave welcoming remarks and the Vice-President elect, Joe Biden, was sworn into office.
Later, at 12.05 p.m., the new president Obama gave his inaugural address. What a magnificent Inaugural address ! How spectacular !
After the Inaugural Address, Elizabeth Alexander read a poem. It was beautiful ! And the US Navy Band Sea Charters Chorus performed the National anthem. It was really beautiful too !
In the afternoon, President Obama attended the departure ceremony of President George Bush. He and Vice President Biden attended a luncheon at the Us Capitol. And they led a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, from the US Capitol to the White House.
Eventually, in the evening, ten inaugural balls or parties took place in Washington DC. I was astonished. everything was fantastic ! It was really a new experience for me and I liked it so much !

Dear Camille,

On Tuesday, January 20th 2009, I went to the Inauguration of the new president. How crowded it was ! We could count people in thousands ! You can't imagine how fabulous it was ! At first, three groups performed. Even if there was a lot of people, I could hear. Their songs were so beautiful !
Then, at noon, President Obama took the Oath of office at the west front of the US Capitol Building. Unfortunately, my little sister didn't see him because a very tall man blocked the view from her. What a stupid person ! If he had moved up, she would have been able to admire this such beautiful show ! However, the most fantastic event was the parade ! It was so extraordinary ! Eventually, I have lived an unforgettable day !
Finally, ten inaugural balls or parties took place in Washington DC but it wasn't my favourite moment.

Dear Charlotte,

On January 20th 2009 I was in Washington for the Inauguration Day. There were lots of people ! Maybe one or two million people therefore it was very difficult to see anything. But what a marvelous atmosphere ! The Americans were so happy. Because for them, Barack Obama represents change for he's the first African-American president of the United-States of America.
It started at 10 a.m. with three groups that performed. The 3 groups were the "US Marine Corps Band", the "San Francisco Boys Chorus" and the "San Francisco Girls Chorus". Secondly, the Senator Diane Feinstein gave welcoming remarks.
At 12.05 Obama gave his inaugural address and the US navy Band Sea Charters Chorus performed the national Anthem.
After this, President Obama attended the departure ceremony of George W. Bush and he ate with Joe Biden, the Vice President.
Eventually, Obama and Biden led a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, from the US Capitol to the White House.
This day was a fabulous day !

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Anonyme a dit…

Hi there!
Well, I was not exactly there but I watched the entire inauguration on TV from the comfort of my home. It was a very cold January day, and there was certainly a lot of excitement in the air. It was a truly historical day, not only because a Democratic president was taking the oath of office, but also because for the first time an African-American became president of the United States. He comes from a humble family with no previous political connections or old money, which is unusual. Most presidents come from old families, they are Caucasians, and/or have risen through the political ranks after many years in Washington. While this is true of most Republican presidents, Democratic ones tend to be a little different. Think about Kennedy and Clinton. Obama struck a chord in the American electorate not only because he is a decent man, but also because he is intelligent and has good oratory skills, that Bush could only dream to possess. I am so glad Bush is out of the White House and I do not wish to hear his name or see his face ever again. I wish that president Obama has the courage to take difficult decisions and restores the confidence of the public in the American government. He will face the very difficult task to pull all the political and economic forces together to solve the current economic and political crisis. I wish that all the Maddofs and Stanfords of this world face public ridicule and face justice. They should be stripped of all their belongings and forced to return what they stole to all their victims. They should experience what it feels to be left with nothing and beg on the streets for a living. They have robbed people for about 58 billion dollars. It is almost inconceivable that two individuals could perpetrate something of this scale.
I hope this crisis passes soon and will prompt both politicians and financiers to act wisely, following a more ethical behavior. Sincerely,
your friend.