dimanche 22 février 2009


Remember this famous photo of the Beatles ? Well, now watch the video to see how tourists imitate the Beatles every day in Abbey Road (London) and how this affects the traffic.

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prof americaine a dit…

Good Video! I loved the song too. Did you see Obama's visit in Europe? I think it was a agreat success. He seems to be quite popular in Europe and in Turkey as well. What did French people think about his statements about the role of the US in the world? Sarkozy seemed to have been satisfied with the results of the G20 meeting in London.
The economy is starting to show some feeble signs of recovering. The big bank Wells Fargo has declared yesterday that in the first quarter they earned up to $ 3 billions and predict that they will be able to return the $ 25 billion they were loaned by the US government by the end of the year. I hope this will boost confidence among the investors and banks.