mardi 7 octobre 2008


The debate spotlight is back on the presidential candidates tonight as Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama meet for the second of three debates. Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, is the site for the second showdown. Most major networks and cable news channels will broadcast the debate live, 9:00 pm-10:30 pm Eastern Time.
Undecided voters will ask questions to both candidates. The topics of the questions can be domestic or foreign policy.
The candidates will have two minutes to answer each question, with one minute of follow-up discussion.
With fewer than 30 days to go before Election Day, most polls show Obama as the likely winner of these elections.
Both campaigns are getting more aggressive. McCain and Obama have released negative television ads questioning the other's record and experience.
Recently, McCain called into question Obama's experience and leadership skills.
Obama responded by redirecting attention back to the current economic crisis. "I cannot imagine anything more important to talk about than the economic crisis," Obama told reporters. The aggressive approaches on the campaign trail could lead to a clash tonight.

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Mme Cherubin a dit…

I saw the debate. There was no clash between the candidates. They were civil and reasonably well behaved. There were of course attacks, especially from McCain, but Obama held his ground. I think the public is not interested in finger pointing. They want facts and solutions in the midst of the financial crisis. Both candidates have fundamental differences both in domestic policy, i.e. taxes and use of revenues, health care, social security and foreign policy, i.e. War in Irak. Those are the two most contentious issues that drive this presidential campaign. The fact that McCain is Republican is hurting him right now. He is associated with G. W. Bush and nobody likes Bush much at the moment. Everybody wants him out of the White House a.s.a.p.!!!!!
It was quite a boring exercise and those undecided voters will have a difficult time making up their minds!!!!

cherubin a dit…

For the record, I would like to rectify the way I keep spelling Iraq. Of course it is written with a "q".
This Wednesday, the candidates will meet for the third time for a debate. It should be quite interesting. It turns out that Obama has a clear advantage in the polls so far. Last week, McCain had to restrain a crowd. One of the spectators called Obama an "ARAB" and said she hated him. This kind of slandering and negative talk is really getting out of control even for the likes of McCain.
The Republican party is worried now. They see the polls slipping downwards for McCain and they are trying to figure out how to change course.
Palin so far has not been of much help, and if you ask me, she has actually done more harm than good.
Choosing her as vice-presidential candidate was not a very wise move!
Let's see what happens next! I will keep you informed.

Cherubin a dit…

By the way, did you know that McCain's wife is a millionaire? They own 13 houses and 11 cars altogether. How is McCain supposed to understand how painful it is for low-middle class and middle-class families to survive in this downturn?
Americans are really tired of the lip service they have received from the politicians!

Cherubin a dit…

Ok, here goes! Last night's debate concentrated on domestic policy: economic depression, taxation, health insurance etc... The two candidates were sitting in front of each other and there was a moderator. It was an interesting and very decent debate.
McCain was more aggressive against Obama and tried to refute all the domestic proposals that Obama put on the table.
Some of the questions concerned the spending cuts and the plan to save the economy. One question was directed at the two candidates and concerned their running-mates. They had to explain whay they think their running-mates were qualified to take over in case something happened to them.
Overall, Obama did better. McCain was on the offensive to try and bridge the gap in the polls. Obama held his own and rebutted all the accusations with calm and reason. He looked very collected and presidential and that was the goal of his campaign managers.
I believe McCain did his best, but in the end, Sarah Palin did not help his campaign at all. She became a liability instead of helping him out.
The next three weeks will determine who has the best cards and the night of November 4th will be quite exciting.
I will be very happy to finally have gotten rid of Bush. I could never stand the man. At least now, we will have a president that not only looks presidential but also talks like an intelligent, eloquent and reasonable person. I will exhale a big sigh of relief!