dimanche 28 septembre 2008



The Us senator from Delaware ran for president himself before joining Obama's campaign.

Biden wants to find new energy sources. He believes action must be taken on global warming.He wants to improve American economic competitiveness.


The Governor of Alaska is the first woman ever to run on the Republican Presidential ticket.

The conservative Sarah Palin, aged 44, chosen on Friday 29th as fellow candidate of the Republican candidate for the White House John Mc Cain, has been Gouverneure of Alaska since 2006.

She has got a diploma in communication and journalism.

She is married and the mother of five children.

She is against abortion and member of the NRA ( National Rifle Association), the powerful American lobby of firearms. A sportswoman, she is also very keen on hunting and fishing.

She has centered her campaign on the questions of transport, education and security.

4 commentaires:

Mme Cherubin a dit…

I am all for Joe Biden and Barak Obama. Palin looks good on paper but does not have either the know-how nor the leverage to stand her own ground. The vice-presidential debate will air on Thursday, October 2nd. I will be watching and recording.

Mme Cherubin a dit…

Tonight, there will be the first and only vice-presidential debate on TV. It should be quite interesting as the two candidates prepare to defend their candidacy.
I am very curious to see how Palin does under tremendous pressure to perform. Her last performances in interviews with CBS have been horrific. She was unprepared, could not give specifics, and left viewers with the clear impression that she is not up to the job.

Mme Cherubin a dit…

Ok! Here goes! I watched the debate between Biden and Palin and it was surely a no-brainer! Palin should go back to Alaska and resume governing the state. She should resume her responsibilities as a soccer/ hockey-mom and a mother of five! And I say this not because I don't believe that a woman has the ability to be up to the job. I just don't think that she has what it takes to run the country.
She is in over her head. She cannot give any specifics about anything. Her standard answer is that they will clean up the House in Washington and expect us to believe this c...p!!!!!
We all know that politicians represent the interests of big lobbies and big corporations. The latest bailout plan is another example of that. Big financial institutions have been bailed out and are no longer in trouble. Those millions of Americans who have lost their jobs and homes as a consequence will have no one to bail them out!!!!!
But according to Palin, she and McCain will look out for the little guys in main street America. So, enough of empty campaign promises, just tell it like it is, and stop pretending that you are someone you are not! American voters are not as stupid as you all think they are!!

Anonyme a dit…

I hate Sarah Palin !