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I like this film because eventually, Christopher realizes his dream and meets many good and interesting people. The people he meets will make him discover different worlds, new ways of life, new ways of thinking. I think that is important for his balance. But although Christopher manages to make his dream come true, I think he is rather reckless and unconscious of the danger or maybe he is, but then he must be a bit crazy.

What a nut job ! How didn't he realize his madness ! Mr MacCandless was totally wrong when he went to Alaska without proper equipment. The conditions of living are harsh there and he knew that. We have lost one more person in the wild as if it weren't enough. Going to Alaska and dying there, how stupid !

The film is really great ! Christopher MacCandless was very courageousto mleave as he did at the risk of his life. Without any technology he lived for more than a hundred days, which is impressive !
I admire what he did . I think he can't be blamed for leaving even unprepared as he was for he wand to livith as few man-made items as possible. He must have been gifted with an exceptional willpower.

Christopher MacCandless followed his goal : living in the wild despite the difficulties. I think that even if he died, I agree with what he did. The saddest think in this story is that he died alone and just as he was dying he realized that one cannot live on one's own. The movie was really good and beautiful.

Christopher had a dream and made it come true. I think that when you have dreams, it's good to realize them. What I didn't like is when Christopher tore the banknotes that he had left. Otherwise, living in the wild for a few days is something I wouldn't mind trying. He was very courageous to leave everything behind, to live cut off from society. He must have prepared himself mentally to do that.

The movie is very touching , particularly as it reminded me of several very close people, which made it even sadder. The processes which he undertook seems very interesting to me and not selfish at all. Indeed, he deprived himself of very nice things, especially without money. Of courses he inflicted much suffering on his parents but I doubt that his parents had ever been an example. However, I think he was most unfair with his sister.

I think Christopher was completely right to leave as he did since it was his dream. You can't reproach him with being selfish. It was HIS life, not his parents' nor his sister's. He died in total agreement with himself, which spared him the regrets of not having had the guts to live according to his own choices. He could be blamed for dying in a stupid way or for lacking preparation but I can't believe that he left without thinking the whole thing out.

This film is very moving and I admire the courage that Christopher showed when he set out for this incredible adventure. What's very beautiful too is the kindness of all the people he comes across with and who give him their support. This man was a dreamer who lived out what he wanted. Lots of people would like to live as he did. He had a goal and it's nice to see that he tried to reach it. I really enjoyed this movie.

Christopher MacCandless decided to live in Alaska for a while so as to run away from that society he despises. After he left, he met all kinds of people who helped him to reach his goal. I find that very courageous.

Christopher MacCandless was quite brave but he didn't think much of his family. They were close to him and he left them as well as his friends without letting anybody hear from him. He shouldn't have broken up with his relatives and friends who certainly suffered because of him.

I think that Christopher MacCandless shouldn't have been so extreme and he should have thought it out before he set out for such a dangerous asventure. It isn't done to leave one's family behind . Even if he did take information, even if he did live enriching experiences, he shouldn't have gone backwards.

I think it's a good film. The story is really exciting and there are beautiful landscapes. In my opinion the way Christopher died is a bit silly.On the whole, this is a good film.

I really enjoyed this movie. It makes a nice change from most action films which have no real story to tell. I found the film very profound. When you come out of the cinema, it feels as if you were locked up in yourself. You ask yourself questions and find yourself questioning your goals in life. Nevertheless, I didn't like the hero's character. He despises people who love him, makes his family suffer by not letting them hear from him. Besides, he sorts of commits suicide through his choice of life while he had everything that could make him happy.

I think the story of MacCandless represents an impossible dream for many people. However, this is a good story showing an alternative way of living. The character is captivating and meets many engaging people. It's the story of an incredible tramp !

I found the film moving although, according to me, this idea of extreme freedom is a bit crazy. However, the film was truly amazing, with wonderful landscapes, but a bit long especially as it lacked action to my mind. The end is sad as he dies slowly which implies much suffering.

I haven't got much to say, except that the sheer remenbrance of the movie makes me feel like crying. Christopher should have gotten himself prepared more thouroughly and he should have come back to write his book himself. Society, I'm not cut out for you !

This film conveys a special message. Society makes Christopher sick and when eventually, he realizes he needs civilization , he has to come back to his "magic bus". If Chris hadn't done that experience, he would have never lived happily. To my mind, cutting yourself out from society may be good, but just for a short while.

I loved "Into the Wild" because it's a true story. It proves that the system most of us agree with is not compulsory. There are alternatives. I love Alexander Supertramp, he's my hero.

I really liked this movie even though it's quite long. The fact that the character wants to live alone, in the wild, is interesting. He's trying to understand the world we live in. The music is really good and I think the actors are very talented. I've seen this movie twice, and each time it was wonderful.

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