lundi 5 mai 2008


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Thomas H a dit…

I think China won't be the best country in order to receive the Olympics Games ... There is too many problems with the Tibet.

Anonyme a dit…

Hello Mrs sauliere
How are you? I'm very well. I am in Camille Jullian but I learn Russian as first language and English the second language. I make this choice because I speak Russian well but writting it is not the case. I have English teacher who is not very kind and right now I learn phonetics (not easy). Otherwise my class is very kind and I made friends.I hope we will can to see us.

Mrs Sauliere a dit…

Hi Christina !
Thank you ever so much for kindly letting me hear from you. It's a real pleasure to keep in touch with former students. I'm sure you'll do very well in Rusian as well as in English. You've always been one of my kindest pupils and I hope you'll come and see me in Cassignol some day !
Mrs Sauliere

christina joukovskaia a dit…

Hello Mrs Sauliere thank you for you kind answer !
Friday October 24 th, I could come see you at 16.30 ? it is only day when I finished school at four o'clock. Otherwise I always finished the course at six o'clock, it is very tiring.
I hope to soon