mardi 4 décembre 2007

Thanksgiving is over and Xmas is at the door! Decorations are out and the evening drive home is lit by a multitude of lights that tell us that Xmas is in the air. Americans love Xmas! The radio plays Xmas songs all day long. My daughter plays Xmas songs on the piano to practice for her piano recital. Actually, she started already in October and by the time Xmas rolls in we are actually fed up with Xmas tunes.
As I said earlier, Americans love Xmas. It brings out their childlike spirit and their "shop till you drop" philosophy. They decorate their houses with an incredible amounts of lights almost bordering tacky. It is almost impossible to fall asleep at night because the houses are all lit up. Everything is on display, from Santa to Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, Mrs. Santa to Frosty the snowman and the Nativity scene, candy canes, snowflakes, etc.etc. We have red lights, white lights, big lights and small lights, everywhere in the front yard, back yard, on the roof and on the windows, bushes, trees, patios and porches. The more the better for all the children's delight!
During this season, people go to concerts to hear choirs singing Xmas carols, they go to the ballet to see "The Nutcracker" performed by big ballet companies and by small obscure ballet companies. They bake cookies, fudge, brownies and they give them as presents to family and friends. Children eat candy canes in all colors and variety and go for sleigh rides with Santa organized by local church groups.
I do not like shopping very much at Xmas time. There are too many people out and about and everybody is rushing to get the last gifts. There are queues at the cash registers and people are stressed and impolite. The true Xmas spirit has to be enjoyed at home around the Xmas tree together with family and friends. And what if there are not a million presents under the tree! Just one thoughtful present is enough to make my heart content. I am also thinking that this year I will send less Xmas greetings, I might save a tree or two. I will use the email, it is more environmentally friendly.
Merry Xmas, everybody!

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Anonyme a dit…

My daughter used to dance with a small ballet company and every year at this time, they would perform the Nutcracker. I also played the part of a parent in the last production and was on stage with the dancers. It was a sensation! This year, Luisa and I will go and see a friend perform in the Nutcracker and will enjoy the performance.
Mme Cherubin

Olivia L a dit…

Nutcracker is one of my fav ballets, ballet is the most pretty dance!