mardi 6 novembre 2007


Yesterday, I saw the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” which I really appreciated. Here is the summary of the film !:

New York 1940. Holly Golightly is a pretty and mysterious American starlet who likes to take her breakfast in Tiffany’s jewellery. To her, it is every evening alcohol, holidays and men don’t miss! Holly wants to find a rich husband. She meets her neighbour whose name is Paul Varjak. They become friends and Paul discovers that behind her amazing character, Holly is hurtled by life and she isn’t allowed to fall in love with somebody. But with the time, a strong passion between Holly and Paul is going to be born of an amicable relation.

This film is really fantastic and sometimes funny. It’s the moving portrait of a lost young woman, brilliantly interpreted by bright and radiant Audrey Hepburn. Her interpretation of the song “Moon River” is a big instant! New York is filmed in an original manner, and the visit to Tiffany’s, is the most delightful stage of cinema which I have never seen!

Here is the song " moon River" ...

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Anonyme a dit…

i hope to seet it because it looks very funny !